Pocket Door Frames Designs

Our pocket door frame has an attached pocket for easy installation.

With the attached pocket, simply hang the track and then apply the sheet rock to the vertical ribs. The spacing between the ribs will match your stud size.
Our specially designed header helps conceal the track enhancing the opening’s appearance.

  • Minimum Jamb width is 4½”
  • For Single or Double Sliding Pocket Doors
  • 16-Gauge, CRS, Standard
  • Attached hollow metal pocket(s) supplied with frame
  • Track by others

Pocket Frames: Space-Saving Answer to Privacy” Article as appeared in the September 2009 issue of Doors and Hardware Magazine. Rachel S. Smith, former President of Karpen Steel authored the article.

Single Pocket Frame

Shows pocket frame with attached hollow metal pocket. Information needed at time of order is stud size, track being used, and anchoring.

Double Attached Pockets

The double pockets form the walls for the doors to slide back into. At time of order advise track being used, along with wall stud size.

Lead Lined Pocket Frame (Single)

Lead Lined pocket frames are “handed” as the lead is on one side of the wall. Use this drawing to specify how the frame is handed and which side to leadline.

Knocked Down Pocket Frame Details (Single and Double)

The pockets are supplied fully welded. The single KD pocket frame has the head and strike jamb shipped loose. The double pocket frame has just the head shipped loose for installation between the double pockets.

Handicap Accessible Pocket Frame

These pocket frames are designed to allow the clear opening as required for handicap access. In addition, the door sticks out of the pocket when in the fully open position, so that handicap accessible pulls can be put on the doors for easy operation.