Door Louvers – Stock & Custom

Karpen Steel provides either a sight proof louver from National Guard Products, Inc. or a custom integral louver as detailed below. Order size and door cut-out size are the same.


  • Galvannealed Louvers.
  • Torx Security Screws.
  • Attached insect screens.
  • Fusible Link Louvers for UL labeled doors. Maximum louver size for 1½ hour labeled door is 24″ x 24″.

Louvers – Custom

Fixed Z Louver

An integral fixed blade louver is available in custom sizes, for doors and transom frames. Typically sized in 2″ height increments. Need to know which side is sight proof at time of order.

Inverted Y Louver

Inverted “Y” louvers blades with 1½” spacing are sight proof from either side and available in custom sizes.

Full Louver Door

Integral louver is welded to the door. Custom sizes available in either the “Z” Louver or “Y” Louver designs.

Full Louver Door