Double Egress Frames Designs

The double egress profile allows a pair of doors that have the same handing to swing in opposite directions out of the opening.

In order for doors to align properly in the closed position, they must hang in the exact center of the frame jamb depth.

Typical Double Egress Profile


  • Jamb Width: 4½” Min
  • Jambs: Double Egress Profile, 1 ⅜” x 2 ⅜” faces
  • Head: Single Rabbet

Knocked Down

  • Jamb Width: 5¾” Min
  • Jambs and Heads: Double Egress Profile

UL Labels

  • Welded or KD. For use with wood or steel doors
  • Door size: 8′-0″ x 8′-0″ max
  • Jamb Width: 5¾” min, 14″ max
  • Jambs: Double Egress Profile
  • Heads: Single Rabbet (standard), Double Egress (optional)

3 Hour Labeled Double Egress Units

Karpen Steel supplies frame and doors as a unit utilizing our special door and frame construction.

Door Size: 8′-0″ x 8′-0″ max

  • Doors

    • Doors are manufactured with rabbeted edges and do not require the use of an astragal.
    • Doors are prepped for concealed or surface vertical rods.
  • Frames

    • Jamb Width: 5″ min, 14″ max
    • Anchors: Masonry only
    • Jambs: Double Egress Profile
    • Head: Cased open with Applied Stop