Packaging, Shipping & Order Tracking


All Karpen Steel Doors are individually crated to ensure protection during shipment.

Set-up and welded frames are crated individually or multiple units per crate depending on size.

Shipping Terms

We ship all freight prepaid. We select the carrier that offers the best service to your area of the country.

Frame Weight Class

Set up and Welded: Class 125
Knocked Down: Class 70
Doors: Freight Class 70

FEDEX Package

Single KD frames can be shipped FedEx Package, within FedEx size restrictions. The maximum weight for frame and packaging is 90 lbs. Frames are shipped in heavyweight corrugated boxes.

Material Weight Chart

Use the chart for estimating LTL freight charges.


Doors and frames shall be received by the contractor at the job site and handled in a manner so as not to be damaged.

Store all materials in a dry area, under a vented tarpaulin or plastic cover.

Do not stack material flat; store doors and frames in an upright position, preferably with heads uppermost.
Do not permit cardboard or paper containers or wrapping to become wet. If this should occur, remove them immediately

Air Freight

Need rapid delivery? Call for air freight estimates.

Track Your Order

Freight companies provide easy access to information about your specific order. By knowing the web site address of your specific freight carrier and your assigned pro number, you can track your order.

The freight company web sites enable you to check shipment status, request a proof of delivery, and obtain delivering terminal information.

Click on one of the web site addresses to track the shipment of your order. (Some carriers require a password to retrieve specific information.) You have easy access to the current shipment status information.