Dutch Doors & Dutch Door Shelves

Dutch Door

Dutch doors are doors that are split in two, top and bottom, so that the top may swing independently of the bottom. The two leaves may be joined by a bolt (surface or flush). Typically the bottom leaf of the dutch door latches into the frame.

Dutch Door Shelves

There is often a shelf between the two leafs of the dutch door, usually used to staff a counter at the shelf with the top open (such as a stock room, or a ticket counter). These shelves can be made in stainless steel as well as standard cold-rolled steel.

Custom sizes of the shelves are available.

Dutch doors can be made in various materials or thicknesses. Therefore, they can be 1¾” thick, 1⅜” thick or 2″ thick for example. In addition, they can be made in 18, 16, 14, or 12 gauge, and can have either a polystyrene or vertically steel stiffened core. Some dutch doors have vision lites in the top half or louvers in the bottom half. Doors can be made with UL Label.

3 Hour Label Dutch Door Details

4′-0″ x 7′-2″ Maximum Single Door Opening.
Vertically Steel Stiffened – 16 or 14 Gauge.
Top and bottom leaves must latch into strike jamb of frame.
Astragal provided between leaves. Drawing showing astragal: Dutch Door With UL Label
Single shelf optional, on push side of door.

A Closer Look At Dutch Doors

Article as appeared in the December 2010 issue of Doors and Hardware Magazine. Sarah Henken & Rachel S. Smith, former President of Karpen Steel, are the co-authors of the article.