Borrowed Lites, Sidelites & Transom Frame Designs

Borrowed lites, sidelites and transoms allow light to pass from one room into another with fixed panes of glazing. sometimes, they are used with fixed panels in some of the openings, to fill in the opening or to add interest to the opening.

Borrowed Lite Terminology

Glazing Bead Options

Borrowed Lites, Sidelites & Transoms

UL Labeled Sidelite and Borrowed Lite Frames

UL Label: 45-min and 20-min labels
UL Label: 60-min label for Firelite® glazing

UL Labels for Sidelite, Borrowed Lite, and Transom Frames are available in a variety of configurations based on glazing material to be used.

Send us a drawing of your specific requirement and we will work with you to provide a UL Label for your opening.

UL Labeled Sidelite And Borrowed Lite Frames

UL Labeled Transom Frames

Transom Frame with Fixed Mullion

  • UL Label: 45-min and 20-min labels

Transom Frame without Transom Bar

  • Transom Frames with Algoma Hardwood Inc. Model 11 DT fire doors and transom panels can be labeled with out transom bars.

Note: Lites exceeding the rating or size limitation in NFPA 80 must be approved by the authority having jurisdiction.

UL Labeled Frames with Corner Posts

  • UL Label: 45 min or 20 min
  • Angle: Any – 90°, 45°, etc.
  • Number of Corner Posts: Multiple, No Limit
  • Splices: Frame may be provided with splices for shipment.
Jambs 1¼” min 4″ max
Mullions 1¼” min 4″ max
Sills 1¼” min 12″ max
Jamb Width 4¾” min 14″ max
Drywall: Elevation Width 12'-8" max
Width of any one leg 12'-8" max
Height 11'-4" max
Masonry: Elevation Width 13'-6" max
Width of any one leg 13'-6" max
Height 20'-0" max