Two-Piece Slip Frame Specifications

Available With MullionsA fully-welded window frame for after-wall application. No anchors required. Just cut a hole in the wall, insert the frame from both sides of the opening, install the glass, and that’s it!


Cut the hole in the wall, give us the rough opening size, and we will size the 2-piece slip frame to fit. Or, give us your required overall dimensions, and we will advise the rough opening to fit.



  • Profiles are power brake formed. Jambs, head and sills to be assembled with tongue and slot connection. Miters accurately fitted, continuously welded, and ground smooth.


  • Frames shall be thoroughly cleaned after assembly, and given a prime coat of rust-inhibiting primer paint. The primer shall be air dried.


  • ½” standard


Glazing Bead

  • ⅝” x ⅝”, shipped loose with self-tapping screws.


  • Shall be ¼” Listed Wire Glass
  • Glass supplied by others.

Pyro-View®, Patented, a UL-Labeled 2-piece Slip Frame

  • “C” Label (45 min.)
  • Max. Exposed Glass: 1156 sq. in. 34″ x 34″
  • Max. Glass Opening: 1296 sq. in. 36″ x 36″
  • Jamb Width: 4″ min. 14″ max.
  • Jamb, Head and Sill: 2″ Face
  • 16 or 14 GA
  • Stop Height: 1″
  • Available with mullions
  • Glazing Bead: 1″ x 1″ shipped loose.
  • Patent No. 5,711,120

Single Rabbet Profile

2 PC Slip Frame Single Rabbet