12-Gauge Door Specifications


  • 12-gauge face sheets of HRPO or A60 Galvannealed Steel


  • Standard Door Thickness: 1⅞”
  • 1¾” and 2″ Door Thicknesses (typical) available. Other specialty door thicknesses are available.

Size Limitations

  • Largest single door: 4′-7″ x 10′-0″
  • Largest pair: 9′-2″ x 10′-0″
  • Wider doors available up to 8′-0″ with face seams.


  • Doors with 1⅞” thickness shall have continuous vertical interlocking steel stiffeners of 20-gauge and shall be spaced no further than 8″ on center. Other door thickness will also have steel stiffeners of either 18 or 16 gauge. Doors shall be filled with mineral rock wool insulation.

Edge Construction

  • Square both sides


  • Top and bottom of doors shall be reinforced with continuous 16 gauge steel channels, welded to both sides of doors.
  • Hinge Reinforcements shall be 11-gauge steel angle, 12″ long.
  • Cylindrical lock reinforcement shall be 16-gauge with 11-gauge thread depth.
  • Other lock and closer reinforcements shall be 12-gauge.
  • Doors shall be reinforced for all surface type hardware. Drilled and tapping of surface hardware to be done in the field by the erector.
  • Edges of the door shall be continuously center-seam welded, ground, and filled to ensure a smooth finish.

Hinge Backset

  • 5⁄16″standard for 1⅞” thick doors.
  • ¼”standard for 1¾” thick doors.


  • Doors shall be thoroughly cleaned after assembly and given a prime coat of rust inhibiting paint. The primer shall be air dried. Low gloss oil base trim paints (max gloss 25) are recommended as a finish paint.


  • ¾” standard. Other undercuts as specified.