Temperature Rise Doors – 250 Degree, 1½ Hour

General Information

  • A temperature rise door is used when it is required to retard the transmission of heat from one area to another. It is a measurement of the rise in temperature above ambient temperature of the non-exposed side of the door during the first 30 minutes of the standard fire test. The lower the degrees, the better the rating. The currently accepted norm is a 250 degree rise over 30 minutes. A temperature rise rating is not required for a standard labeled fire door.
  • The 250 degree temperature rise designation is the most stringent rating since it requires the most limiting rise in temperature. A 250 degree temperature rise door meets the requirements of specifications calling for a 450 degree or 650 degree temperature rise rating.
  • Temperature rise doors are generally used in stairwells of high-rise buildings. The doors are used to limit the temperature rise through the door into the stairwell for a period of time, thus making it possible for people to exit the burning building by safely passing by the floor of the origin of the fire.


  • 16 or 14-gauge sheets of commercial grade A60 Galvannealed.
  • Available with Wood Grained Steel. A40 Galvannealed.


  • Firedoor Coreboard


  • Top and bottom of doors shall be reinforced with continuous 16-gauge steel channels, spot welded to both sides of doors.
  • Hinge reinforcements shall be 11-gauge steel angle,
    12″ long.
  • Cylindrical lock reinforcement shall be 16-gauge with 11-gauge thread depth.
  • Closer and Panic hardware must be thru-bolted.
  • Edges of door shall be continuously seam welded, ground, and filled to ensure a smooth finish.

Hinge Backset

  • ¼” standard, 3⁄16″ or ⅛” available


  • Doors shall be thoroughly cleaned after assembly and given a prime coat of rust inhibiting paint. The primer shall be air dried. Low gloss oil base trim paints (max gloss 25) are recommended as a finish paint.


  • ¾” standard. Other undercuts as specified.


  • Flat 14-gauge astragals are provided with pairs of doors as needed and are shipped loose for field mounting.

Size Limitations

  • Largest single door available: 4-0″ x 8-0″
    Largest pair size available: 8-0″ x 8-0″

Vision Lite

  • Up to 100 square inches exposed.