Wood-Grained Steel Doors & Frames

Karpen Steel Custom Door & Frames manufactures Wood-grained steel doors for those circumstances where you need a wood look, but the durability of steel.

Wood-Grained Steel Finishing Tips

Material is factory primed with beige primer. To obtain the wood look, the door must be stained in a two color process by a professional painter.

  1. Apply a dark stain first to go into the “grain.” This is wiped off the flat part of the steel.
  2. Let stain dry following the stain manufacturer’s directions. This way the lighter stain will not “dilute” or dissolve the darker stain.
  3. Apply the lighter stain after the darker stain is dried.
  4. Finish with a protective coating compatible with the stain.

Recommended Stains:

  • Oil base stain such as Olympic or Zar brands
  • Some stains indicate good for metals

Wood Grained Door Detail


  • A40 Galvannealed
  • 16 Gauge only
  • Mineral Core-board (Interior Applications)
  • Steel Stiffened Core (Exterior Applications)
  • Primed painted – beige
  • 250° Temperature Rise UL “B” label available with up to 100 sq in vision lite
  • Other UL Labels are available.
  • Primed only, with beige primer.
  • 4′-0″ X 7′-0″ max. size

The edge of Door has bondo and is slightly ground¦wood grained does not show up much on edges.

With steel stiffened core, some spot welds may show on the face on the door.

If the mineral core board is used, then closers and panics must be thru bolted on doors.