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Karpen Steel Custom Doors and Frames

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Knocked Down Frames

KD Frames are designed to go into an opening after the wall is in place, accommodating nearly any wall thickness. KD frames with drywall returns are designed to be used in drywall construction using steel studs or wood studs. KD frames are available with or without drywall returns.

kdinstall.jpgKD Frame Installation

  1. Install drywall board leaving rough opening as shown.
  2. Center head in rough opening.
  3. Retract compression anchors on jambs into the throat as far as they will go. Slip jamb tabs into head slots and pivot jambs into locked position.
  4. Locate removable spreader at frame base for opening width.
  5. Square base of frame and install base anchor screws into floor plate.
  6. Attach head to jambs using four #8 sheet metal screws in holes provided in top of head. (Required on all frames.) Screws provided with jambs.
  7. Square top of frame and tighten compression screws with Phillips screwdriver.

Sizing of rough openings for double rabbet KD frames using 2" face material:

  1. Width: Door opening size plus 1½" to 2"
  2. Height: Door opening size plus ½" to 1½"

We can accommodate other existing rough opening sizes, if your conditions are different than noted above.

Available with or without drywall returns.

Karpen Steel can provide labels on KD Door Frames:

  • Nominal Frames Size: 
    8'-0" x 10'-0" max
  • Jamb Width: 4½" min, 14" max
  • Jamb or Head Face: 2" min, 4" max
  • Profile: Single or Double Rabbet

Knocked Down Borrowed Light Frames

Karpen Steel can provide KD Borrowed Light frames as shown on drawingCUFP0031.pdf. These cannot be provided with a UL label. We feel however, that a better option is a 2-piece slip frame for windows. See web site page on 2-piece slip frames.

Knocked Down Assembly with CompressionAnchors

Knocked down frame assembly installation instructions. Compression anchor details are shown on the drawing along with standard base strap anchors.

Optional KD Base Anchor

Drawing cufp0030 shows the optional KD base anchor consisting of holes in the bottom faces of the jamb legs. These cannot be used alone on UL Labeled frames unless the standard base strap anchors are also used.

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