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Door Astragals

Door astragals are typically used to cover the gap between pairs of doors. Thus, the astragal closes the clearance gap. The astragal closes the clearance gap for the purpose of either providing a weather seal, ensuring privacy, preventing sound from leaking in or out of a room, minimizing the passage of light between the doors, or retarding the passage of smoke or flame during a fire.

Astragals can also used between the top and bottom leaf of a dutch door, and between the top and bottom doors of a tall unit. Usually the astragal is mounted to the pull side of the active door.

Astragals are provided loose, for field mounting, with screws provided by the installer.

When required, for a nominal fee, the astragals can be factory welded to the door.

Flat Astragal

The typical, standard astragal provided with a pair of doors is a flat strip of 14 gage material, 1 3/4" wide sized to the net height of the door. Any required notching for hardware is done in the field.

Flat Astragals can be provided in 12 gage for security purposes.

Offset "Dog Leg" Astragal

Z Astragal

Z Astragals provide both a door edge guard, and the function of an astragal. The are typically attached to the inactive door. If there are hardware preps such as flush bolts or strikes, the mounting tabs for the hardware are an integral part of the astragal. If ordered without the door (for use on wood doors or other existing metal doors), specify if door has square or beveled edge at the meeting stile.

Door Edge Guard with Flat Astragal

Similar in style to a Z Astragal, however, the edge guard completely wraps the door edge to which it is installed. These are typically sold for mounting to existing doors that might have had edge wear.

H Astragal for Assembling Tall Doors

For extremely tall door openings, such as in factories, there are a number of advantages to assembling two doors together to form one tall door, over just ordering one tall door (over 10' tall).

  • Allows for easier shipping of the separate door leafs.
  • If the bottom leaf is made as a standard door height (7', or 8') if there is damage to that door leaf, just the bottom leaf can be replaced, without replacing the entire door unit.
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