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Frame Anchors

Specifying the correct anchors for the wall type is essential for a good installation of the frame into the opening. For more information about installing frames see: "Storage and Installation of Hollow Metal Frames" Article as appeared in the December 2009 issue of Doors and Hardware Magazine. Rachel S. Smith, former Karpen Steel President authored the article.

Frame Anchor Options


Steel Stud Anchors:

  • Steel stud anchors are welded into the frames and come out flush with the frame backbends.


Wood Stud Anchors:

  • Over 6" JW, need to know stud size in order to locate the anchors correctly in the frame throat.


Masonry Anchors:

  • Masonry Strap Anchors - Standard
  • Masonry  "T" Anchors - Available for non labeled frames. Shipped loose.
  • Adjustable Masonry Anchors - Available


Existing Opening Anchors:

  • Supplied with Bolts on UL Labeled Frames
  • Bolts - option on other frames.
  • If ordered KD frame with EO - will need to know if frame is butting or wrapping the wall to provide the correct high hat anchor for the application.


Floor Anchor Options


Floor Knee Into Throat

Standard floor knee for new construction -- used with Steel Stud Anchors, and New Masonry Anchors


Floor Knee into Opening

Standard floor knee for existing masonry openings.


Straps at Base of Jambs

Strap anchors into throat are standard for Wood Stud Anchors and for Compression Anchors.

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